Jeep Trail – Middle St. Vrain, Coney Creeks, & T33A Trails

We hung out with the Hobo Group, Patrol 1 from the Mile High Jeep Club. We did two semi-moderate trails, which included T33A, Middle St. Vrain, and Coney Creeks Trails. They are all off the Camp Dick Campground, which is located by Allenspark, Colorado off of Highway 72 (not too far from Boulder).

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Jeep Trail – Slaughterhouse Gulch


We did an impromptu Jeep trip this last weekend to a trail by Bailey with some friends. In the Funtreks book, it is Trail #80, Slaughterhouse Gulch. The book rated it a Difficult Trail, but we would say more like a Moderate (considering the two Jeeps in our group both were Rubicons).

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