Children’s Outdoor Books

Hello everyone! Sorry we have been MIA lately, but after having our baby in September (her name is Tegan), we also had a crazy idea to move houses, so we have been super busy with everything!

We are so excited that we just picked up our camper from the service center after it needed to get some warranty work done. We are itching to go on our first trip with our little girl.

Camper Warranty

In the meantime, we have been reading her lots of books about nature, animals, and camping. Here are a few of our favorites (links go directly to purchase it on Amazon).



Tegan’s nursery in our previous house was also decked out in an woodland/mountain theme. We are still planning out the mural for her new wall.

Tegan Room

We love to take Tegan hiking in Roxborough State Park, which is right next to our new neighborhood. We are in the process of planning our first camping adventure with her, so stay tuned to find out where we are headed!

2 thoughts on “Children’s Outdoor Books

  1. We have C is for Colorado. It’s a great one. We’ll have to pick up some of the other titles on your list. I would recommend Maisy Goes Camping. It doesn’t have a lot of informational content, but the predictive and fun text is great for emergent readers. Aubrey can “read” it by herself. 😊

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