Hooking up our Coleman Grill


I know what you are thinking when you read the title for this post – are these people seriously discussing how they hooked up a grill? If it was as simple as just hooking the hose up to the propane tank, we would not waste your time!

Grilling some pancakes at the campground
Our camper was already equipped with a side-mounted grill attachment and a low-pressure hose to the propane tank (i.e., a secret hose on the side that we could hook a grill into our main propane tank so that we would not have to lug around additional bottles). Our options were limited if we wanted the grill that attached to the side, which included two very basic models that were outrageously overpriced. We decided against both of those and purchased the Coleman RoadTrip LX Grill. The grill sits on the stand, so it would be easy to just travel with the grill and set it on a picnic table already at your campsite if you did not want to bring the stand along. There are also two burners with individual controls for cooking your meals at various temperatures. This grill features interchangeable plates and includes a grill plate and griddle plate (which is perfect for pancake making).

Coleman LX Grill

The parts guy at Camping World said that we would not be able to hook up the Coleman grill to the quick connect, as they had not come out with the special parts yet. The issue is that both the propane tank on the camper and the grill have a pressure regulator on them to adjust the propane flow. The regulator on the grill would need to be removed so that they could work together correctly.

You will first need to unscrew the regulator from the back of your grill and then unscrew the brass piece fitting from the silver regulator. Be careful, as there are three additional pieces sitting inside the brass piece that will need to be kept together. You are going to keep the brass piece that was attached directly to the grill to reinstall on with your new pieces, as this is a Coleman specific adapter. The only piece you will not reuse for this project is the silver regulator itself. **Note from Chad – make sure you use the size specific wrench and not a channel lock to remove the pieces, as this could potentially damage the end of the connector. In this photo, ignore the brass piece in the top right, as we will get to that in a minute.

Grill Regulator

We researched a bunch of different ways and came up with a super easy solution, thanks to a man by the name of Jeff Spurlin who commented on another YouTuber’s video with a great idea. Here are the parts you will need:

You may be able to find these parts at your local hardware store, but we found it was just easier getting them from Amazon since we knew they were exactly the ones we needed. The hose is not necessarily needed if you already have your own or if you want a different length. Without the hose, the parts are only around $17!

You will need to attach the quick connect fitting and the elbow together. Then connect the elbow to the connector that you had originally removed from the grill. You can screw on the connector to the back of the grill. Make sure to wrap all the fittings with some of the thread tape to ensure a tight fit.

Grill Fittings     Back of Grill


The quick connect hose can be attached to your grill, as well as to the side of your camper. Both the camper attachment and the hose your just attached should have an on/off valve. The grill is now ready for use to cook up your yummy vegan food.

We also picked up this great canvas grill bag made by Coleman to store the grill in when we are traveling. The bag does not hold the stand, but we just wanted to make sure that if any grease was left in grill, it would not leak into the camper storage. It is nice that it comes with wheels and a handle for easy maneuvering.

Grill Bag


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